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Jose Watson

Anime Rifts Script GUI AUTO ATTACK, AUTO SKIL... \/\/TOP\\\\

the game doesn't recognize the input from my autohotkey script, & something about my script is preventing me from making it into an exe file (im trying to fix that), i have the key strokes being held down for a random time between 20 & 50 microseconds to simulate a real players actions (iv`e had some limited dealings with auto-ban functions in the past) the file is called "test2.ahk" so it shouldn't be threatening, im running windows 7 & i don`t have the option to "run as admin" when i right click the file, i cant change the in-game keys, there 1 to 0, alt+ 1 to 0,shift+ 1 to 0 & ctrl + 1 to 0, ive tried to use 1 & 2, that's all, i was running the game in window mode when i tested & i haven't tried to do the 2nd used thing yet as its 1am when i found this thread.

Anime Rifts Script GUI | AUTO ATTACK, AUTO SKIL...

Honestly as Ryplinn said the dodging is very important: several enemies have a big wind-up before they use a power attack, and staying out of the fire is as always important too. I noticed too that you said you use your skills as often as possible; as soon as they come off cooldown. Well, as Josh and Randy were discussing in the stream the other day, you almost get more raw damage output from just auto-attacking than from any other source. Some skills do add pure damage, but the majority of them are utility. Example: Warriors with a 2h Hammer have an AoE cripple. My auto-attack was hitting for about 50-70 damage, my AoE cripple for 30. If I use the cripple on an enemy who is in my face, I am doing less damage, while the enemy is doing the same damage, thus making me more likely to die. Better to just spam auto-attack. 041b061a72


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