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Shiva Sutra In Tamil Pdf Downloadl

Shiva Sutra in Tamil PDF Download

The Shiva Sutra is a collection of aphorisms that reveal the essence of the non-dualistic Kashmir Shaivism school of Hindu philosophy. The Shiva Sutra was revealed to the sage Vasugupta by Lord Shiva in the 9th century CE. The Shiva Sutra consists of three sections: the Shambhavopaya, the Shaktopaya, and the Anavopaya, which correspond to different means of attaining the supreme state of consciousness.

The Shiva Sutra is a profound and sublime text that can inspire and transform the seeker of truth. However, the Shiva Sutra is not easy to understand without the guidance of a competent teacher or a reliable commentary. There are many commentaries on the Shiva Sutra in Sanskrit and other languages, but there are not many available in Tamil. Therefore, for the benefit of the Tamil-speaking devotees of Lord Shiva, we have compiled a list of some sources where you can download the Shiva Sutra in Tamil PDF format for free.

Download Zip:

  • [Himalayan Academy Publications - Nandinatha Sutras in Tamil]: This is a partial translation of the Nandinatha Sutras, which are derived from the Shiva Sutra and contain 365 aphorisms on living with Shiva. The translation is done by Sockalingam and is available in MOBI and EPUB formats.

  • [Shiv Sutra by SUVRATSUT]: This is a scanned copy of the Shiv Sutra in Sanskrit with a Tamil translation by K. Ramanathan. The PDF file is hosted on the Internet Archive and can be downloaded or read online.

  • [The Shiva Sutra of Vasugupta by Gerard D C Kulken]: This is an English translation and commentary on the Shiva Sutra by Gerard D C Kulken, a scholar of Kashmir Shaivism. The PDF file also contains a transliteration and translation of the Shiva Sutra in Tamil by R. Balasubramanian. The file is also hosted on the Internet Archive and can be downloaded or read online.

We hope that these sources will help you to access and study the Shiva Sutra in Tamil and enrich your spiritual journey. May Lord Shiva bless you with his grace and wisdom.


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