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Jose Watson
Jose Watson

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Welcome to the elegant and boutique residences at One Forest Hill. Suite 404 features a bright Southern exposure and spectacular features and finishes including integrated high end appliances, full sized kitchen island, generous room sizes and more. Walking distance to Forest Hill Village amenities, shopping, transit and the best private schools in Canada. Hotel style amenities includes valet parking, 24 hour uniformed concierge, lobby lounge and gym. Must see!

Lounge Looks.m4v

The future of web is around the corner and exciting times lie ahead. With the advancement of web, immersion and interactivity is a must have for future proofing. Renderlounge has been one the first visionary studios in the region to have developed expertise in real-time technologies.

On March 30, Tyrell visits Steel Mountain's headquarters in Albany, preparing to ship redundant copies of E Corp's analog backups across the United States. He crosses paths with Elliot, who claims to be there as part of an Allsafe systems check. Tyrell deems their meeting fortuitous and invites Elliot for lunch, taking him to the employee cafeteria; when Elliot questions whether Tyrell really eats there, his ego compels him to bring Elliot to the executive lounge on Level 2. While waiting for their meal, Tyrell comments on their lower-class waiter, lamenting the mundane life of an "ordinary cockroach". Tyrell signs off on some documents, and Elliot bolts to the bathroom.

The bedroom is on the first floor, complete with four-poster bed as any castle should have! There is a small lounge area to the right and a cleverly concealed TV in an antique cabinet keeps it hidden out of sight till you need it. A main window lets the light flood into the room and offers a beautiful view out into the grounds.

Our Designhounds group kicked off our KBIS experience with a welcome from Veronika Miller of Modenus and Designhounds and Brian Pagel, Sr. V.P. of Emerald Expositions, at the Design Milk x Modenus Talks lounge. 041b061a72


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