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Ramadal Torrent HOT!

Weather of Arabia - Violent torrential rains in Fars Province, southern Iran, have killed at least 17 people, state television reported today, Saturday. " title="YouTube video player" width="560"> "At around five o'clock yesterday, Friday, heavy rain fell in the towns of Ije and Rodbal in the central parts of Istahban, which led to the formation of torrents," the official IRNA news agency quoted the governor of Istahban district, Yusef Karker, as saying. "As a result, 17 bodies were recovered in the Istahban areas, and the identities of 13 of them were identified," he added. He pointed out that 6 people are still missing, and that "55 relief teams are participating in the rescue operations." The scientific reason behind the heavy rains is due to the formation of a state of atmospheric instability as a result of the rush of moist and warm winds from the Arabian Gulf towards southern Iran, coinciding with their convergence with the winds coming from the north. The presence of mountains and high temperatures contributed to the process of raising the warm air to the top, which converged with winds Cold in the upper layers of the atmosphere, which led to the formation of cumulus rain clouds accompanied by high intensity thunderstorms for some times. You may also be interested in: -... is the difference between a depression and a state of atmospheric instability? Videos published by Iranian news agencies showed muddy torrents in the course of the Rodbal River, swept away with some white cars. "A number of local people and visitors (from other areas) who were walking by the river or in its course were surprised by the rise in the water level," Karker said. Heavy rainfall and flooding in the Iranian city of Estahban in Fars province has killed at least six people and injured 12 others so far, according to local officials.

Ramadal torrent

Most of us don't get enough sleep in general. Some of us have too much work to deal with and some of us binge watch all our torrent downloads and regret it the next day. No matter what the cause, sleep deprivation is an issue. It affects performance and increases irritability. Not sleeping enough makes fasting all the more challenging. Here are some tips to get enough sleep during this month.

The torrent of publicity washing over Reverend Jones and his self-declared "International Burn a Koran Day," with a 200-Koran bonfire outside his Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., is the latest reminder of how the Internet and the gaping maw of the 24-hour news cycle can turn minor events into global issues.

The past few weeks have been even bloodier than usual in the capital, with a torrent of execution-style killings coming despite an American-led crackdown, but even as U.S. commanders have focused on Baghdad, attackers also have struck in northern and western parts of the country in what appears to be a coordinated campaign.


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