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Troy Yahn

Land Air Sea Warfare: The Ultimate RTS Game for Android

While the gameplay is reminiscent of the seminal Command & Conquerseries, it does not feature soldier units. The game revolves around establishing a base and fortifying it against attacks from other factions, who are played by the computer, as well as executing invasions of the enemy bases. To build a base and open production of military units, constant mining of ore and production of energy are crucial. There are three kinds of offense unit types (ground, air and sea units) as well as defensive units to protect the base. Both are produced in specialized factories and can be deployed in groups. New technologies can be researched and in total, the tech tree contains over 100 structures and units to choose from. Among these are stealth aircraft and submarines for reconnaissance missions, aircraft to bombard enemy bases and helicopters for unit transports. In a game, literally thousands of units can be commanded simultaneously, resulting in epic battles. Specific tactics can be applied: land units can be hidden under trees for ambush attacks and tread marks left by enemy tanks can be scouted to their base. Unique mineral ores permit building of giant "Mega units" for more effective attacks. Each game is concluded by detailed statistics and graphs.

land air sea warfare apk

The game uses a random map system with several types of terrain. The landscape type of the game map determines which bases and units can be built, which strategies may be applied and which kinds of mineral ore resource may be found, in turn influencing which Mega units may be built later in the game. Primarily, ground based landscapes do not have the unique resources for naval Mega units, and primarily water based landscapes do not have the resources for land Mega units.

Check out our other hit arcade game Atomic Cannon, where you battle on destructible landscapes! Players take turns aiming and firing at each other with over 100 weapons of mass destruction including nuclear bombs.


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